New Root Cover Up Stick Dark Brown

New Root Cover Up Stick Dark Brown

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Key Ingredients:

  1. Wax or Emollients: These provide a smooth and blendable texture, allowing the product to adhere to the hair and cover roots effectively.
  2. Pigments: Dark brown pigments specifically formulated to match dark brown hair tones, ensuring natural-looking coverage.
  3. Conditioning Agents: Ingredients that contribute to the health and moisture of the hair, preventing dryness or damage during application.


  • Root Cover-Up Stick: Designed for targeted application to cover up roots and gray hairs.
  • Dark Brown Shade: Tailored to match dark brown hair colors for a seamless and natural appearance.
  • Quick and Easy Application: The stick format allows for easy, precise application without the need for additional tools or brushes.
  • Temporary Coverage: Provides temporary coverage until the next hair wash.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your hair is clean and dry before applying the root cover-up stick.

  2. Section Hair: Part your hair in the desired style to expose the roots that need coverage.

  3. Apply Directly: Twist or push up the product to expose the root cover-up stick. Apply the stick directly to the roots or gray hairs that you want to cover.

  4. Blend: Gently blend the product into your hair using your fingers or the applicator provided with the stick. Ensure even distribution for a natural look.

  5. Style as Desired: Once you've covered the roots, style your hair as usual. The product should not interfere with your regular styling routine.

  6. Avoid Excessive Touching: To prevent transfer of the product, try to avoid excessive touching or rubbing of your hair, especially when it's still fresh.

  7. Wash Out Easily: The root cover-up is typically temporary and can be washed out with your regular shampoo. It is not permanent and allows flexibility for changes in hair color or style.

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