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CONUNDRUM Paste is a versatile and innovative hair product from the renowned brand Unite, designed to provide flexible hold and texture to all hair types. This unique paste offers a pliable, medium hold, allowing you to create a variety of styles with ease. Whether you want to achieve a messy, undone look or add definition to your hair, CONUNDRUM Paste is the perfect choice. It provides a natural, matte finish, making it ideal for those seeking a polished yet effortless hairstyle.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Beeswax: Beeswax is a natural emollient that provides texture and hold to the hair. It allows you to mold and shape your hair without stiffness or stickiness.

  2. Lanolin: Lanolin is a moisturizing ingredient that helps to soften and condition the hair, preventing dryness and frizz.

  3. Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant that attracts and retains moisture, ensuring your hair stays hydrated and manageable.

  4. Kaolin Clay: Kaolin clay adds a natural matte finish to the hair, creating a textured, non-greasy look.

How to Use:

  1. Start with dry or slightly damp hair: CONUNDRUM Paste is best applied to dry or slightly damp hair. You can towel-dry your hair after washing, leaving it slightly damp, or use it on completely dry hair for a more textured look.

  2. Warm up the product: Take a small amount of CONUNDRUM Paste in your palms and rub them together to warm up the product. This will make it easier to distribute through your hair.

  3. Apply to your hair: Run your fingers through your hair and work the paste evenly throughout your hair. Focus on the sections where you want to add texture or define your style.

  4. Style as desired: Use your fingers or a comb to style your hair as you like. CONUNDRUM Paste allows you to create a wide range of looks, from messy and tousled to more polished and defined.

  5. Reapply as needed: If you want to refresh your style or make adjustments throughout the day, you can add a small amount of CONUNDRUM Paste to your hair as needed. It won't leave a greasy or heavy feeling, making it perfect for touch-ups.


  • Start with a small amount of CONUNDRUM Paste and add more as needed. A little goes a long way, and you can always add more product if you want a stronger hold.

  • To create a messy, textured look, rub the paste between your fingertips and apply it to individual sections of hair, scrunching and tousling as you go.

  • For a more defined look, apply the paste to specific sections of your hair, using your fingers or a comb to style and shape each strand.

  • CONUNDRUM Paste is suitable for both short and long hair, making it a versatile styling product for various hair lengths and styles.

  • This product works well on all hair types, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different hairstyles.

CONUNDRUM Paste from Unite offers the perfect balance of hold, texture, and flexibility for creating effortless, stylish looks. Embrace the power of this paste to transform your hair into a masterpiece of natural, touchable style with a beautiful matte finish.

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