Bent Liner Brush

Bent Liner Brush

Bent Liner Brush

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The Jane Iredale Bent Liner Brush is a precision tool designed to simplify the application of gel or cream eyeliners. With its uniquely angled and ergonomic design, this brush offers unparalleled control and ease of use, allowing you to create defined lines and intricate eye looks effortlessly. Crafted with high-quality materials, this brush exemplifies Jane Iredale's commitment to providing professional-grade tools for makeup application.

Key Features:

  1. Bent Angle Design: The distinctive bent angle of the brush assists in achieving a steady and controlled application, making it easier to create precise lines along the lash line.

  2. Fine-Tipped Bristles: The fine-tipped bristles are crafted for precision, allowing for the creation of thin or bold lines, depending on your desired eyeliner look.

  3. Synthetic Bristles: The brush may feature synthetic bristles known for their smoothness and ability to pick up and distribute product evenly. Synthetic bristles are also often easier to clean.

  4. Sturdy Handle: The brush is equipped with a sturdy and ergonomic handle, providing comfort and stability during application. The design ensures that the brush is easy to handle, even for intricate eye makeup techniques.

How to Use:

  1. Product Application: Dip the Bent Liner Brush into your preferred gel or cream eyeliner. Ensure the brush is coated evenly but not overloaded with product.

  2. Steady Hand: Rest your hand on a stable surface, such as a table or your cheek, to steady your hand. The bent angle of the brush will assist in achieving a precise application.

  3. Lining the Eyes: Starting from the inner corner of the eye, carefully draw a line along the lash line using short, controlled strokes. The bent angle allows for easy maneuvering around the contours of the eye.

  4. Wing or Flick (Optional): Use the brush to extend the line into a wing or flick for a more dramatic look. The brush's precision makes it suitable for creating various eyeliner styles.

  5. Cleaning: Clean the brush regularly with a mild brush cleanser or gentle soap to maintain its performance and prevent color contamination. Allow the brush to air dry after cleaning.

Additional Tips:

  • The Bent Liner Brush can also be used to apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner for a softer, smudged look.
  • Experiment with different eyeliner formulas, such as waterproof gel or creamy textures, to achieve the desired finish.

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